10 Business Lessons From the Life of Alexander the Great

- By Mukul Sheopory

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About the book

What does Alexander the Great’s horse have to do with the creation of iTunes? How is his siege of an island fortress similar to a pair of hedge fund managers taking on the mighty Bank of England? Is there a resemblance between his battle strategy at Gaugamela and how Elon Musk went about space exploration?

Bucephalus’ Shadow takes the life of one of the greatest military leaders and draws parallels with the business events of today. In connecting the dots between past and present, military and business, it changes how we think about strategy. See reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

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About The Author

MUKUL SHEOPORY was working as a management consultant when, on a rainy afternoon, he chanced upon a biography of Alexander the Great in a downtown Manhattan bookstore. The similarities between the emperor’s life and what he was observing in the modern business world kickstarted a series of inquiries that eventually resulted in this work.

Sheopory lives in California and works with technology companies to serve small-business owners. This is his first book.